Since 1990, CRK Designs has been providing personal attention to specific lighting design projects with an objective  to ensure clients are  provided with a lighting system that accommodates their requirements and makes sense to their operation.

The company’s values and vision is  to provide experienced solutions to any lighting design. To determine the full requirements of the lighting tasks and use the company’s experience and full range of lighting technologies to achieve quality solutions.

The fundamentals of lighting design or consulting is usually similar from one project to another, but the services that should be provided must be flexible and must accommodate the many needs of the client and the project. Sometimes there is a simple answer, but most often there needs to be research and investigation to determine what needs to be accomplished or what could be the best solution. Design solutions and strategies need to be established.

Mr. Carl R. Koehler is a specialist in the lighting industry. Carl has many years of experience starting in 1968 with a “Lighting Fundamentals” course. Carl’s experience was developed while working with several electrical consulting engineering companies until he started his own company.

Mr. Koehler’s work experience includes:

  • Industrial projects such as copper/silver/gold mines, power distribution facilities, bulk loading facilities both standard and hazardous, container terminal ship loading facilities, warehousing facilities and other similar projects.
  • Commercial projects such as office facilities, diagnostic/lab facilities, retail spaces and other similar projects.
  • Institutional and Educational projects such as schools, hospitals, colleges, and other similar projects.
  • Street Lighting such as many residential sub-divisions, and city centre revitalizing streetscapes, and many conflict pedestrian/traffic intersections.
  • Exterior Lighting  such as industrial, commercial, institutional parking and work areas.
  • Investigative Study Projects  such as reviewing existing lighting systems, providing a report along with recommendations for many types of projects both interior and exterior.
  • Residential  such as many high end homes.

Mr. Koehler is very active with the local section of the Illuminating Engineering Society. He has held committee positions regionally and many positions locally with the Vancouver Section. Carl is still very active with the local board of directors as a member at large and a mentor. Carl has held positions as President, Vice-President and many other chair positions throughout the years. Carl is also active as an instructor with the local education program and local section seminars.

Mr. Koehler is recognized within the lighting industry as “Lighting Certified” or “LC”. The North American industry has established a program of recognition for qualified lighting people via a group called “National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions” or “NCQLP”. This certification is required to be reviewed every three years. Within this time, Carl is required to continually up-grade his education and/or provide education along with many other activities to maintain his “LC” certification. This recognition for lighting qualifications is recognized throughout North America.