Consulting and Services

CRK Designs Inc is a lighting consultant company specializing in lighting designs for interior and exterior spaces or environments.

This includes:

  • Quality lighting designs for new and existing spaces.
  • Review or study of existing lighting systems and providing a report on recommendations for improvements.
  • Investigation of existing lighting systems for problems relating to safety or complaints and providing a report on improvements.
  • Quality lighting designs for; Developers; Facility owners; Facility maintenance staff; Builders; Architects; Interior designers; Engineering companies; Home owners
  • Meetings throughout the design and installation process with all members of the design team including contractors and lighting product suppliers.
  • Providing detailed calculations, documents and specifications.
  • Assisting with the tendering process.
  • Installation review and report of the field installation to ensure the designed lighting system is installed as documented.
  • Working and co-ordinating the installation to ensure the needs of the lighting design are met.

CRK Designs Inc has experience with industrial, commercial, institutional, exterior spaces / street lighting, investigative and residential type projects.

Mr. Koehler is very active with the local section of the Illuminating Engineering Society. He has held committee positions regionally and many positions locally with the Vancouver Section. Carl is still very active with the local board of directors as a member at large and a mentor. Carl has held positions as President, Vice-President and many other chair positions throughout the years. Carl is also active as an instructor with the local education program and local section seminars.
Mr. Koehler is recognized within the lighting industry as “Lighting Certified” or “LC”. The North American industry has established a program of recognition for qualified lighting people via a group called “National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions” or “NCQLP”. This certification is required to be reviewed every three years. Within this time, Carl is required to continually up-grade his education and/or provide education along with many other activities to maintain his “LC” certification. This recognition for lighting qualifications is recognized throughout North America.