E.V. Logistics 300,000 square foot Refrigerated Warehouse, Langley, B.C.

This new industrial food warehouse facility operates 24 hours per day 7 days per week. This warehouse had many refrigerated isles measuring 12 feet wide x 287 feet long and 35 feet high. In order to provide the optimum lighting system along with the most energy efficient lighting system for this facility, 5 different lighting systems were analyzed before the design was selected. A T5HO high-bay fluorescent lighting system was installed in most of the spaces of this facility with one space illuminated with high pressure sodium high-bay lighting products (this was a requirement for the food product stored in the space). Another space was illuminated using an Induction high-bay technology within the ice cream freezer. All systems (with the exception of the high pressure sodium system) are controlled automatically using occupancy sensors along with a low voltage relay lighting control system with manual over-ride stations carefully located throughout the facility.  The manual over-ride control made maintenance easy along with receptacle/plug assemblies at the light location for a quick disconnect.

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  1. Jess says:

    With a warehouse this size, I can see why using led lights would be beneficial. Great work with this design.

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