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More than a decade ago, the Illuminating Engineering Society recognized the need to qualify lighting professionals and through the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions or NCQLP a national North American standard of qualifying was established.

They established “Lighting Certified” or “LC” to help others recognize qualified lighting people.

For the first few years the NCQLP introduced “grandfathering” (for a short time) for well seasoned lighting professional people to register with a large list of requirements.  Such as documented proof that they have been involved in the lighting industry for over 25.  This also included letters of reference from other professions that confirmed this.  Not an easy task, but this brought on many people to take the responsibilty of introducing others.

From the beginning they ceated an exam to set the threshold and many have completed this exam successfully to become “Lighting Certified” or “LC”.  Some view it as the exam from hell, but I think this is a good thing and sets a high standard.

To help and prepare people wanting to take the exam, our local lighting society section runs an LC preparation study group where we organize and moderate a study session that lasts several weeks.  Other sections of the lighting society run similar study sessions to help lighting people achieve their “LC” certification.  The sole purpose of the study group is to assist or prepare the lighting people for the national exam provided and monitored by the NCQLP.

After the exam and the lighting person is credited with an “LC” certification, they continue to maintain this certification by accumulating education credits over a three year period.  Credits are achieved by attending certified lighting education classes, lighting seminars/conferences or teaching lighting education classes or providing seminars.  Every three years the NCQLP monitors the person’s credits and re-certifies them if they accumulate enough education credits.  If not, they need to re-certify by re-writing the exam.

This estblishes qualified people within the lighting industry and therefore establishes a better quality lighting industry.  Many people in the lighting industry write and qualify for “LC” certification that are from all areas of the lighting industry.  Within our local section you will see “LC” certified people from lighting sales to lighting manufacturing to lighting designers.  To name a few.

There are some that will disagree with this concept of one certification for all, but from my point of view, I much rather see a sales person come into my office to discuss lighting that is fully knowledgeable in the lighting field.  This benefits all of us in the industry.

So now you know a little more about “LC” certification and will recognize it when you see it following someone’s name.

Carl R. Koehler, LC

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