PetroCan Rail Car Loading – Exterior Lighting, Burnaby, B.C.

This facility loads petroleum products into rail cars and needed a new lighting system to accommodate this need during “non-daylight” hours. The facility area is classed as hazardous, so a more detailed thought process was required to solve this need. Existing platforms between the train tracks provided the working space along with small hazardous electrical and low level platform lighting. The new lighting needed to be placed high over the rail cars, but the idea of mounting off of the existing platforms was discounted because of the cost and the limited amount of space and structure for mounting.

The system was carefully selected using floodlighting mounted somehow well above the tracks and trains. Mounting new poles around the train tracks was out of the question because of the strict regulations and space restrictions. Poles were mounted a distance away and needed to be custom manufactured with long arms that placed the floodlighting close to the loading task area. High pressure sodium exterior “Marine grade” lighting products were selected and several were installed to provide a quality and uniform lighting system. Since the lighting was set at 45 feet and the required distance away from the task, the need for hazardous products was not required.

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