Private Residence – West Vancouver, B.C.

A fabulous new residence situated on a sloped grade with windows facing the inlet waters. The property had an existing building, but this was demolished and a new residence was built.

The lighting design needed to be co-ordinated with the architect and interior designer and needed to accommodate the many needs of the client. Scenes from the windows are spectacular and required special attention to the fixed lighting system in the home. Recessed down-lights were used throughout the spaces that had a view of the inlet waters. Windows at night become mirrors and the lighting system had to be carefully selected to eliminate the reflections from any lighting product.

A detailed lighting control system was installed with the intent to provide the clients with an easy to use lighting control allowing them to even control their lighting system remotely. One button that opens the garage doors also preselects lighting throughout to make entering convenient is only one of the many features. This easy to use lighting control system allowed scenes of lighting to accommodate the many uses of the resident spaces. The control system also allows for automatic lighting control when the clients were not at home. The system would automatically turn on and off the lighting system simulating the usual space use.

Decorative lighting products for the interior and exterior spaces provided a very attractive residence fitting for the luxury of the architecture.

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