Recycling Fluorescent Lamps

Recycling Fluorescent Lamps

In today’s world, recycling activity has gone viral.  Almost everything is recycled and in Mission, where my office is, our curb side pickup is very detailed and there is easy access to recycling centres within Mission.  But in this article I would like to talk about the fluorescent lamp.

As you may or may not know the B. C. Recycling Regulation requires all producters of fluorescent lamps (and all other lighting products) to be a part of a stewardship program.  This program gets funding from the producters which in turn assists the recycling centres.  I know School Districts locally ship their spent fluorescent lamps to recycling depots and most other industries make use of recycling depots.  I enchorage all businesses and even residences to help out by taking all of your spent fluorescent lamps to your local recycling centre.

All components of the fluorescent lamp are recycled even the small amount of mercury, but I’m not sure about the “phosphors” or “rare earths”.  A previous article talked about this part of the fluorescent lamp.

I would like to leave you with this thought;  what happens to the “phosphors” or “rare earths” in the fluorescent lamp.  Since “phosphors” or “rare earths” are so difficult to produce and are only aquired from a very few places, can’t they be recycled?

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