School District # 48 – Howe Sound

The existing schools throughout this district needed to have the lighting up-graded to newer technologies. I was hired and worked for several years to improve the lighting systems in all of the schools within the district.

I completed a study, report and recommendations that provided a quality report on all schools in a format that allowed the school district to simply pass the report onto a contractor to implementation. The reports were then held by the school district until finances allow them to implement. All of the schools have been upgraded and applicable incentives from B.C. Hydro have been provided.

The older T12 fluorescent lighting products were replaced with newer T8 technology using electronic ballast. All spaces were reviewed with the idea of making sure the design of the space was still valid. Re-design was introduced where required. Occupancy sensors were introduced to ensure the lighting systems were automatically turned off when not in use.

The lighting systems were recorded with the type of products used to ensure the school district was left with a standard of products that were the same throughout the school district. A standard for surface mounted lighting products, a standard for fluorescent lamps and ballasts were established. Maintenance along with product ordering became more unified.

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