Surrey Courthouse Exterior Staff Parking Lot Lighting Up-Grade

The existing exterior lighting for this parking area was old with old lighting technology. The lighted environment did not leave the Staff feeling safe during “non-daylight” hours. A study was completed during both the daytime and the nighttime to determine what could be done to improve the lighting system. Lighting levels were recorded. The report outlined the need for newer technologies along with a system that directed the light to the parking lot surface in a more efficient way. The facility has cameras that required quality lighting without direct glare. The lighting system that was recommended and selected was a full cut off metal halide pulse start lighting product with new poles mounted to the existing base locations. The outcome provided a more efficient lighting system creating a safer environment for the Staff. The lighting levels were increased, with a more even distribution across the parking areas. The existing wiring was maintained and the system ended up using less energy.

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