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School District # 48 – Howe Sound

The existing schools throughout this district needed to have the lighting up-graded to newer technologies. I was hired and worked for several years to improve the lighting systems in all of the schools within the district. I completed a study, report and recommendations that provided a quality report on all schools in a format thatContinue Reading

Surrey Courthouse Exterior Staff Parking Lot Lighting Up-Grade

The existing exterior lighting for this parking area was old with old lighting technology. The lighted environment did not leave the Staff feeling safe during “non-daylight” hours. A study was completed during both the daytime and the nighttime to determine what could be done to improve the lighting system. Lighting levels were recorded. The reportContinue Reading

Squamish Municipal Hall Lighting Up-Grade, Squamish, B.C.

The budget of this project was very low and the lighting up-grade included retrofitting the existing lighting products. The existing T12 fluorescent lighting was replaced with newer technology using T8 fluorescent lamps along with electronic ballasts. The locations of the existing lighting were re-located to better accommodate building space changes made through time. The endContinue Reading